Dlayer Open Source responsive web development tool

The installation process is a work in progress; Dlayer is rapidly improving, I wanted an installation process, but I wanted it to be simple enough so as not to slow me down as I add new features to Dlayer.

I want to improve and simplify this installation process, it is not user-friendly, as soon as Dlayer is more mature I will revisit the system. Please keep an eye on the Dlayer development blog and of course if you are interested in improving the installation process please get in touch with me.

Reset and import demo database

Step through the buttons below to reset your database to the demo state, this will drop all dlayer tables, create the table required by Dlayer and import the demo data.

Disabled when environment is set to production.

1: Drop tables Proceed with care, please backup your database first.

2: Create database structure

3: Import demo data

4: Set foreign keys