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v1.16 Horizontal rule & styling (12th March 2017)

  • Enabled link support in Quill rich text fields. [v0.30.0 of PHP Quill renderer]
  • Enabled superscript and subscript support in Quill rich text fields. [v0.40.0 of PHP Quill renderer]
  • I have changed the name of the background colour property on the page styling sub tool; it is now called content background colour which is more accurate.
  • I have added the ability to define the background colour for your website (Page background colour, in the future this will be configurable per template). [Feature]
  • I have added a horizontal rule tool, under the content layout drop down. [Feature]
  • I have added a styling sub tool for horizontal rule content items, allows the colour to be defined. [Feature]
  • I have added a delete sub tool for horizontal rule content items. [Feature]
  • I have made improvements to the styling code, less duplication of both data and code. [Refactoring]
  • New tables to manage any styling attributes defined for the page, HTML and content items, additional refactoring required. [Database]
  • Control bar improvements. [UX]
  • General fixes and improvements.

v1.15 Blog/Rich text content items (3rd March 2017)

v1.14 Composite content items soon (23rd February 2017)

v1.13 Bugs & Date (18th February 2017)

And the older releases

The full release history is available at and on GitHub.